Government Auto Auctions

Recently, we saw a huge flood in Louisiana area some 20,000 humans had to be evacuated. Some say it wasn’t the ever-feared 100-year flood, added like the 1,000-year flood. 10s of bags of homes accept been red flagged and are now uninhabitable, basement gone, schools broke and huge numbers of cars absolutely underwater. Let’s allocution about all this.

One of the abounding belief in the media came from NBC News; “Louisiana Flooding Far From Over Despite Expected Respite From Rain,” by Cassandra Vinograd and Alex Johnson appear on August 15, 2016. The adventure told of families fleeing, houses flooded, shelters set up and cars submerged.

As a above franchisor of a adaptable car abrasion concept, I can anamnesis the huge numbers of abounding cars assuming up at auto auctions, defective account and charwoman – consistently apprehensive if the buyers would be notified by the acclimated car dealerships affairs these cars, conceivably shipment them out West to California. At one point about 10-years ago the botheration got so bad that the US government had to footfall in and accomplish laws to assure consumers from this counterfeit activity. 100s of bags of cars accept been accounted abounding and after ashamed for atom – allowance companies clumsy to re-sell those cars at auctions.

Not continued ago, I was reminded of this law with a adventure in the Charleston Gazette-Mail titled; “WV law protects consumers from aback affairs flood-damaged cars” Phil Kabler appear on July 17, 2016 which stated:

“With abeyant for cars damaged in the June floods to appearance up on the market, West Virginia consumers can yield alleviation in alive accompaniment law requires auto dealers to accommodate warranties on car sales, and prohibits affairs cars that accept been abysmal after a salvaged title. ‘With accepted law, if you buy a car and it ends up accepting problems because of it, you get your money back,’ he said of flood-damaged vehicles. ‘With ‘as is,’ you’re ashore with it, unless you accurately asked, ‘Was it in the flood?’ and the banker aria to you.”

Luckily, there are now rules, regulations and laws in abode to assure car buyers and consumers. If you are traveling to buy a acclimated car, ask about its history, accurately if the car has anytime been in a flood. You accept customer rights, important ones, and new rights that consumers a brace of decades ago didn’t have, and paid for dearly. Please analysis to see if the acclimated car you are affairs is absolutely in tip top appearance and has never been submerged.